Why are so many lawyers holding back on saving so much time and money?

What is it that holds back the large swathe of the legal practices coming round to the robust adoption of technology? It is generally accepted that compared with other sectors of the economy the legal sector has been slow to adopt technology but some have and can be seen to be utilising technology most successfully.

The danger is, as time goes by legal practices who do not engage in measures to improve efficiency and lower costs will be at an extreme cost disadvantage to those who have taken up the challenge. This is made worse because private and corporate clients use technology in so many other aspects of their lives, they expect companies who they do business with to be or seen to be employing the latest technology as well.

For example, so many lawyers still have lengthy paper, scan and email driven onboarding processes. They also source data and interact with clients manually and requiring wet signatures before proceeding. In this case the economic advantage of doing something about technology now is simple given that manual onboarding can take days whereas using technology will take seconds