Simplify the process of gathering employee information
Radically reduce the time and cost of recruitment and onboarding
Highly secure storage of confidential personal information
Biometric identity verification – know exactly who you are taking on
Comply with AML regulations

All employers, whether engaging permanent or temporary staff, are required under UK regulations to verify the identity of the individuals that they are employing.  This can be a laborious and time-consuming process for the employer, as well as often being frustrating for the employee.

The fundamental requirement is to comply with the UK AML regulations.  This requires proof of identity, as well as 2 forms of proof of address.  The employer must also confirm that the potential employee is entitled to seek employment in the UK, under current Right-to-Work legislation.

Minerva dramatically enhances this process by utilising the latest in biometric identity verification.  Following biometric match of a ‘selfie’ and the photograph on the chosen identity document – the images and the data taken from them are encrypted and transferred into the employee’s own secure personal vault, the contents of which are accessible only to the individual and the organisation that is gathering their data.

Minerva uses a highly secure digital vault to hold all the employee’s identity documents. 

In most cases taking-on someone involves documents having to be signed.  Minerva handles this within the employee’s personal vault, by applying cursive signatures into the documents in the designated places.  There is no transfer of files by email, consequently removing the primary source of online crime.

Finally, Minerva will pass the data gathered in this process to the employer’s internal business applications using a secure flexible API connection. 

HR departments can then make extensive subsequent use of the vault, by sharing documents selectively with the employee.  This can be used to share reviews, payroll information, general correspondence, even disciplinary documents (if necessary), with employees, aiding transparency and helping with staff retention.