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What we do

In today’s world, businesses in sectors like professional practice, real estate, finance, and healthcare are increasingly challenged with managing client data securely. In addition, the manual handling of documents and contracts can lead to errors, slow processing, increased costs, and missed opportunities.

S4Encrypt offers a cutting-edge solution by leveraging all the benefits from automated processing, biometric identity verification and a highly secure fully encrypted vault for document storage and digital signing.

We help you streamline on-boarding, client verification, fraud reduction, and improvement of processing speed to facilitate seamless communication.

Stay compliant with UK data protection regulations by enhancing security and safeguarding sensitive client data through encryption.

Combat fraud through biometric identity verification, preventing identity-related fraud, and shielding against financial and legal complications.

Reduce costs through automation, faster application processing, improved efficiency and productivity.

Improve customer retention by simplifying the verification process and minimising errors linked to manual document handling.

S4Encrypt: Document security solution, Biometric Client Verification, Fraud reduction


Minerva: Your Ultimate, Highly Secure, Cloud-Based Information Vault

Minerva is an app that collects, digitally signs, and stores all client documents and data in a highly secure digital vault in the cloud. It ensures that information is only accessible to users who have the appropriate permissions. All data is fully encrypted from source to end-point, with an audit trail that meets stringent standards. Minerva facilitates data gathering from all relevant parties. Through secure data management, Minerva will protect confidential information and ensure that all parties operate within accepted ethical boundaries.

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