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Some of Our Solutions

What We Do

In association with our sister company Safe4 and using the most advanced cloud technology, we provide clients with one or a network of highly secure data vaults so they can ensure that documents containing critical or highly confidential data are kept safe. Granular permission controls ensure access is strictly limited to authorised users only.

Using the experience of many years building such solutions S4Encrypt creates unique, customised front-end solutions to suit each and every client.



The Problem

Not many of us can be absolutely certain where all our important or confidential information can be found. If we are certain then the problem is they are likely to be paper documents – passports, driving licences, COVID testing certificates, vaccination certificates, qualifications, accreditations to work and security passes all of which are easy to lose and difficult to replace.

A business might be comfortable with how they share important or highly confidential documents but they can’t be absolutely sure what happens to them, who they are shared with or where they end up?



The Solution

We provide people, businesses and organisations with one or more highly secure digital vaults in which to store or file important or confidential information.

We help you keep safe what you don’t want to lose.

  • Confidential data is stored in a highly secure digital vault
  • Vault owner decides who to share data with
  • Safer than sharing data via email
  • Biometric identity verification capability
  • Personal documents (Passport, COVID Test Results & Proof of Vaccination) available in digital wallet
  • 24 x 7 world-wide access