Your Ultimate, Highly Secure, Cloud-Based Client Information Vault

Are you concerned about…

  • Data breaches in your business resulting in the loss of client data?
  • Regulatory non-compliance leading to fines or legal action?
  • Assistance for your Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)?
  • Intellectual property theft resulting in financial loss and reduced competitive advantage?
  • Disruption in business operations because important data is stolen?
  • Reputational damage such that new business is affected?
Minerva by S4Encrypt: secure, cloud-based information vault ensures data security, regulatory compliance, protect against cyber threats and unauthorised access.

The Minerva Solution

Using Minerva from S4Encrypt will verify customer identity by using the latest in biometric technologies and achieve complete data safety by fully utilising data encryption and secure access controls. Documents are held in a secure vault dedicated to each individual client, case or matter, and can be signed within the vault without using email. Minerva shields sensitive information from unauthorised access, cyberattacks, and physical damage. Through robust authentication methods, regular backups, and advanced security measures, Minerva delivers a fortified repository, assuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of stored data.

How Minerva Works Through A Single Interface

Biometric Identity Verification

  • Electronic identity verification with biometric face match
  • Captures proof of address documents to comply with UK AML regulations
  • Captures client consent

Highly Secure Safe4 Client Vault

  • Secure storage vault holds all documents and identity data relating to your client (including selfie and picture of identity document)
  • Structured data (full name, date & place of birth) stored in fields

Document Management & Signing

  • All documents are shared via the vault
  • Secure signing in the vault with a digital signature certificate
  • Signed documents carry a barcode with a link to the digital signature certificate and a full audit trail
Seamless connection with your existing business applications through API integration

Mitigates risk of data breaches, errors and fraud

Access to information at all times

Irrefutable proof of signed documents

Increase profits through faster, more efficient processing

Mobile user-friendly identity verification

Improve retention: No more missing emails

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