Legal and Professional Services

Streamline the secure management of client data
Verify client identity using state-of-the-art biometrics
Hold all client personal data in secure dedicated vaults
Document signing within the vault – no transfer of information by email
Comply with regulatory requirements
Support for your Compliance Officer / MLRO

Minerva from S4Encrypt can be deployed to great effect in legal and professional businesses.

Professional practitioners, including lawyers, accountants, consultants, financial advisers, and insurance brokers are required by law to manage client data securely.  This starts with getting the client information in the first place. 

Know who you are doing business with

Minerva uses the very latest in biometric identity verification. The images and data taken from identity documents is encrypted and transferred into the client’s unique and highly secure digital vault. Only the client and the professional who is managing their affairs and gathering their data can see this information.

All data is held in ISO 27001 accredited data centres within the United Kingdom.

Onboarding new clients requires a signature on one or more documents. Minerva will do this within the client’s personal vault, by applying cursive signatures into the document in the designated places. Transferring files by email is not required, removing the primary source of online crime.

Minerva will pass all data gathered in this process to the practitioner’s internal business applications using a secure flexible API connection.  This will enhance the client’s experience, as well as securing all data and increasing efficiency for the practitioner and reducing their costs.