About Us

ABout s4encrypt

At S4Encrypt, we are committed to helping organizations embrace technology without disruption, making their processes more efficient, cost-effective, and secure. We understand that many organizations find comfort in traditional ways of doing business, such as handling paper documents and manually managing data. However, these practices are not only time-consuming but also costly and insecure.

We recognize that the adoption of new technology can seem daunting and disruptive to daily operations. That’s why we take a different approach. Our mission is to provide process and operational solutions that align with our clients’ needs, not just the technology itself.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to modernize existing processes, focusing on automating manual tasks and enhancing operational efficiency while reducing costs. Our solutions are designed to minimize disruptions and accommodate the busy schedules of our clients.

Technology is at the core of what we do. Our suite of technologies includes the latest in no-code development, which allows us to successfully automate manual processes across various departments. We also offer a highly secure digital vault used by nearly 300,000 clients for sharing and storing critical or confidential data. With granular permission controls, access is strictly limited to authorised users only.

In addition, some of our solutions incorporate best-in-class biometric identity verification tools, combined with a state-of-the-art digital document signing facility. This comprehensive approach ensures ongoing data security and compliance with UK and international KYC and AML requirements.

Meet the Team

Mike Rolfe

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from the University of South Africa. As well as being a key founder member of S4Encrypt, he heads up the S4Encrypt activity in South Africa and is also targeting other territories in sub-Saharan Africa. He has been responsible for founding and growing a number of highly successful businesses, including SPL, CCH and DocQnet. Mike was CEO of Cordys (Africa) until 2014, and has become recognised as one of South Africa’s leading proponents of cloud technology. His wide experience of successful business development, coupled with many years of involvement in a range of document-centric system implementation projects, gives Mike a unique perspective on the opportunities for S4Encrypt in African and international markets.

Ben Martin

Chief Operating Officer

Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of London, and began his career with Bayer, the international chemical and pharmaceutical company. He moved into the IT sector in the early 1980s, and he has been involved in electronic document management since the middle of that decade. He has held sales director roles with innovative leading companies in that sector, including Anite and Spescom Software. He has been responsible for sales and business development management in the UK, Europe, the USA and South Africa. With S4Encrypt, Ben is responsible for sales and business development activities in the UK and internationally.

Paul D. Stallard

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul has worked with some of the world’s largest banks and financial services companies – HSBC, Lloyds Bank Group, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank AG, Unicredit, Northern Rock (good bank), Hargreaves Lansdown, Euromoney, DST International, Riyad Bank, BSF Bank in Saudi Arabia and Bank Muscat in Oman. Paul specialises in strategic management, innovation, optimizing digital sales & marketing strategies, product management and proposition development. For the past 6 years Paul has also been working with some of the UK’s best and most exciting fintech organisations. Married with three daughters, Paul published his first book ‘Next Generation Finance’ in 2011. He attended Aston University and he has an MBA from the University of Bradford School of Management. He is both a Graduate and a Fellow of The London Institute of Banking & Finance and Chief Examiner for the Institute on the subject of ‘Strategic Management and Innovation in Banking’. He is also a Chartered Marketer, a Graduate and Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

David Ross

Non Executive Director

David Ross ACII, Chartered Insurance Practitioner

David is a time served insurance professional having worked in the general insurance sector for nearly 40 years. An experienced executive and non-executive director, David has worked for both large corporates and small / medium sized enterprises. He also set up his own niche insurance and service business which he sold in 2018.

David now works with the boards and executive teams of a small but varied range of organisations helping them to develop and grow. He has particular specialisms in niche and ancillary product markets, affinity and membership distribution channels and businesses which operate in the PRA / FCA regulated environment.

Tim Brocklehurst

Lead Developer

Tim has been a technical solutions architect for over 30 years. In that time he has bought and sold media businesses having transformed their efficiencies with digital solutions. 

With an MBA from the University of Brighton, Tim has developed mission-critical business systems for companies in a wide spectrum of industries including banking, construction, pharma, publishing, legal and travel.