Healthcare Services

Protection for patients’ personal information
Rapid delivery of test results in secure dedicated personal vaults
Secure access to personal information internationally

For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when travel was restricted internationally, passengers were required to provide evidence of a negative result from a PCR or Lateral Flow test.  In conjunction with one of the UK’s leading health screening services we were able to capture patient information securely in a dedicated personal vault, and then to add the COVID test result to the vault. The resultant ‘pass’ result could then be downloaded from the vault to the patient’s smartphone wallet, or as a PDF file that could be printed and presented when travelling as evidence of a negative test result.  The entire process was automated, and resulted in almost 400,000 Covid-19 tests being handled in this way.

Personal health vaults can also be used by businesses that require their staff to travel internationally.  In some countries it is necessary for the results of medical examinations to be available to local health authorities, for example, when people are involved in safety-critical activities, or when they are deployed in support of defence or law enforcement operations.