S4Encrypt Solutions by Sector


Our S4Encrypt tailored solutions cater to Professional Practice, Employment, Financial, and Healthcare sectors, assisting you in optimising onboarding, client verification, fraud prevention, and processing efficiency. We provide innovative solutions that harness the power of automation, biometric identity verification, and a highly secure encrypted vault for document storage and digital signing. 

Legal And Professional Services​

Minerva from S4Encrypt is highly effective for legal and professional businesses, streamlining the secure management of client data, simplifying identity verification through biometrics, securely storing documents in a client’s personal vault, facilitating document signing, and enhancing efficiency while adhering to regulatory requirements. ​


S4Encrypt safeguards patients’ highly confidential medical information by using the secure Safe4 vault service, which was particularly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic for securely storing test results and providing digital passes for travel. It can also assist businesses with international staff whose medical data needs to be shared with local health authorities for safety-critical purposes.

Financial Sector Services

In the UK’s financial sector, where data security is paramount, S4Encrypt leverages cutting-edge technology to create custom solutions for banks, insurance companies, financial advisers, wealth managers and more to ensure secure data management and confidential communication while reducing the risk of data loss or interception.


Minerva by S4Encrypt simplifies the often complex and time-consuming process that UK employers must follow to verify the identity of their employees, utilising biometric identity verification, ensuring secure storage, and compliance with UK AML regulations.