New report finds finance companies are increasingly severely vulnerable to cyberattacks

Keeper Security has just published a research report saying “The UK’s finance sector is struggling to keep cybercriminals at bay”.

The report went on to say “The average finance company in the UK suffered an average of 60 cyberattacks over the last year, with most (81%) IT leaders in the sector expecting this number to further increase over the next 12 months. Yet less than half (42%) believe they are well-prepared against these attacks”.

Ben Martin, Chief Operating Officer at S4Encrypt said “It has been clear for some time that companies in the finance sector are facing considerable challenges when it comes to keeping client data safe. Our business has developed over time and today we help such companies create automated data processing solutions that drive confidential client information direct to a highly secure digital vault. All data held in S4Encrypt digital vaults is fully encrypted and would not be accessible to anyone mounting a cyberattack”.