How Private Banks and Wealth Managers can get more new business quicker

Private banks and wealth managers can dramtically improve their chances of getting new business by making the most of new technology.

Wealth Managers spend a lot of time relying on long-winded manual processes to collect and analyse information from various sources about their existing clients and in order to identify potential new clients. RM’s are particularly interested in the output from such analysis because it will identify up-sell opportunities among people they already know – their existing clients.

The deployment of low-code technology to automate these manual processes will very quickly identify where the best new business opportunities lie. Importantly, this is done in real time (24 x 7 x 365) meaning RM’s have a continuous supply of new business information with which to work. No longer will they have to wait ages for someone to complete a long-winded manual process of investigation and analysis.

We also use this technology now to help organisations secure and on-board new customers, store all their client data in highly secure digital vaults and finalise business terms by using our unique document signing solution.