Positive reaction to value of Minerva

Positive reaction to value of Minerva

S4Encrypt’s new product ‘Minerva’ is receiving some positive reaction among the legal sector especially for its potential to achieve cost savings, effect process improvements, and enhance operational efficiency, as well as radically improving information security.

Neil Partridge, Operations Director at legal sector consultancy, PDA Legal (https://pda-legal.co.uk/) said, “Our team has provided regulatory compliance and best practice support to hundreds of law firms since 1998. The Minerva platform has the potential to deliver significant benefits for law firms; supporting cost and time savings, as well as enhanced information security.”


Positive reaction to value of Minerva - challenge the accepted processes for onboarding new clients


Value for Compliance Officer and MLRO

The challenge however, as with many new products of this kind, is getting across all the other benefits that Minerva brings. For example, it will significantly reduce the risk of exposure to data penetration and loss, and importantly it assists the Compliance Officer or Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) by making the process of onboarding new clients so much faster and safer.

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