Dramatic increase in data breaches

Many thanks to Neil Partridge of PDA Legal for highlighting the astonishing number of data records that have been breached during the first 9 months of 2019. More detail is provided in his LinkedIn post.

S4Encrypt is working to deliver applications that will reduce the likelihood of data breaches by making the management of data safer as it transitions between organisations, and between different stages in a process. This is combined with the implementation of the Cyber Primed information security standard to help to mitigate the risks caused by human error or indeed lack of awareness of the risks.

Based on the use of the highly secure Safe4 vault, the applications delivered by S4Encrypt are aimed at the reduction of risk and the enhancement of regulatory compliance. Current projects include onboarding for conveyancing in conjunction with the HooYu identity verification software, capturing the highly sensitive identity data directly into a Safe4 vault as it starts its journey through the conveyancing process. S4Encrypt will also be providing an application to support the Cyber Checked questionnaire, a subset of Cyber Primed, aimed at SMEs and micro-SMEs who wish to reduce their exposure to the possibility of human error by implementing a series of measures to support best practice.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how S4Encrypt can help with the reduction of risk and the enhancement of operational compliance.