Covid-19 Workplace Safety

Covid-19 test management for your entire workforce

A fully secure way to manage the safety and wellbeing of all workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Safe4Work: Covid-19 test management combined with class-leading encrypted identity verification and evidence of status.

The Problem

The World has changed – a global shutdown has seen businesses impacted everywhere. Now it’s time to get back to work, businesses have a duty of care to keep their employees safe.

Covid-19 is a hidden enemy that we know impacts individuals differently, but the solution isn’t to protect the more vulnerable by keeping them away from the workplace – that can cause isolation and impact mental health.

So how can employers get ALL their workforce back to work – safely?

The Solution

S4Encrypt provides a full coronavirus test management service for companies with 20+ employees.

Manage the Coronavirus, antibody or PCR testing of your entire workforce with our secure system which enables you to schedule tests, assess results and set up future testing events.

Dedicated medical professionals will come to your premises.

Our test will confirm the presence of Covid-19 antibodies, enabling HR professionals to assess risk of staff deployment at an individual level. We will also use the PCR test for the virus itself, applying PHE-approved swab tests – either separately from the antibody test or at the same time.

The test results will be held as encrypted data on a digital smartphone wallet demonstrating an individual’s antibody status, or that they are not carrying the virus.

When MHRA approved vaccines are ready you can use our system to manage the vaccination schedule of your entire workforce.

Covid-19 Pass for work

S4Encrypt have established a methodology for linking an MHRA approved test with an individual’s identity.

The combination of an antibody or PCR test result and irrefutable proof of individual identity can be captured in a secure vault and presented in the form of a digital wallet on a smartphone.

This can be used as evidence either that an individual has the Covid-19 antibody or does not carry the virus, thus allowing employers to manage their workforce more effectively.

A full reporting facility will provide the employer with a dashboard, allowing analysis of the status of employees and their ability to work safely, both collectively and individually.

“We have been able to improve the security of bulk information delivery while at the same time offering additional benefit to our clients through this fast and easy way to store and share information. Our clients also value the 24/7 self-service functionality, reducing their need to request documents from our team.”

Andrew Gibbons, Managing Director
Mason Owen Financial Services


United Kingdom:

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South Africa:

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