S4Encrypt: 5 steps towards Covid-19 safety – 2: The vault

Capturing and managing a person’s identity and health details requires the highest level of security. Using the Safe4 secure vault for each individual being tested provides a completely discrete space in which this most personal of information is held. This supports compliance with the UK Data Protection Act, as well as providing a convenient and flexible facility for making this data available throughout the Covid-19 testing process.

  • Safe4 is a cloud-based service, available from anywhere at any time
  • All information is stored in UK data centres accredited to ISO 27001
  • A full audit trail is maintained, recording all activity
  • Safe4 has been operational since 2010, and offers exceptional levels of performance and availability
  • The Safe4 application programming interface has been designed to support integration with any other application for smooth and effective implementation of different business processes
  • The vault also includes a QR code and barcode scanning function that will link the unique identity of the Covid-19 test kit to the vault
  • Test results are linked back to the vault using the unique ID of the test kit, and can be downloaded by the individual as a PDF certificate that can be printed if required, or alternatively downloaded as a pass to the digital wallet on a smartphone