S4Encrypt: 5 steps towards Covid-19 safety – 3: The test

S4Encrypt have partnered with Yorkshire-based Screen4, the world’s leading provider of drug and alcohol testing services for the airline industry. Long-standing expertise in managing test processes gives Screen4 an excellent basis for handling a variety of forms of test for Covid-19.

  • PCR antigen testing for Coronavirus uses back-to-lab processes to ensure the highest standard of analysis, fully compliant with NHS and Public Health England requirements. Screen4 only use testing methods that have been approved by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), the UK Government agency that regulates medical devices and treatments
  • Covid-19 antibody testing uses the latest finger-prick methodology to determine whether the individual being tested has had the virus in the past, and has developed antibodies. The test offered by Screen4 is the only finger-prick option available in the UK that tests for the presence if IaG, IgG and IgM antibodies
  • A further option for antibody testing is the rapid finger-prick test. This will produce a result in 15 minutes, and must be administered by a clinician
  • All of these Covid-19 tests are offered in conjunction with the Safe4 vault, allowing the test result to be managed within a highly secure environment
  • All Covid-19 tests can optionally be provided with the S4Encrypt identity verification service, and the use of a pass that can be downloaded to the digital wallet on a smartphone