S4Encrypt: 5 steps towards Covid-19 safety – 5: The QR code

After downloading the test result from the vault, either as a pass in the digital wallet or as a PDF certificate, both forms of display will include a QR code. Scanning this code will display a web page direct from the secure Safe4 system, allowing the individual’s identity and the test result to be independently verified.

  • Each individual who has undertaken a test by following the steps described in these pages will now have the result of the test in their vault
  • If the process has involved identity verification, the pass that is held in the digital wallet on the smartphone will carry the photograph of the individual
  • Scanning the QR code, simply by using the camera function on a smartphone, will display the landing page from the secure Safe4 vault showing the individual’s test status, as well as their identity if the pass contains their photograph
  • The PDF certificate will also carry the QR code, which when scanned will display the page from the Safe4 vault confirming the Covid-19 test status