Data Vault Benefits

Quantifying the benefits to organisations from using our vaults will depend on the nature of their business – some benefits may be financial; others will relate to the higher level of service that clients and other external parties will receive. Additional benefits will be reputational; enhanced security, improved compliance and clearer adherence to good practice will be of significant value to every organisation. We are also committed to supporting efforts to make businesses more sustainable in environmental terms.

Key benefits:

  • Safer than email
  • Save money
  • Enjoy complete control
  • Full record of all activity
  • Improved service to clients
  • Enhanced client retention
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • No need to open up internal systems to external users
  • No capital cost and very low risk
  • Minimise carbon footprint
Safer than email

Email is an essential business tool and a simple way to send files to another person. Unfortunately, there are many risks in using email to carry confidential attachments:

  • Not secure – Email can be routed through many servers on the internet – at any point it can be intercepted and the contents examined. Email is now the most prevalent source of computer crime.
  • Size limits – Increasingly companies limit the size of email attachments to just a few megabytes.  We do not impose such restrictions.
  • Overwhelming – clients and other business contacts receive a mass of email every day which means vital message may be lost in the mountain of emails.

Serious risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements – particularly in the legal profession and financial services.

Save money

Giving access to important documents to clients and other parties through a vault is clearly more cost effective than hard copy postal or courier services. The same might be said of email, but email is increasingly insecure and there is no way of controlling what the recipient does with the information that is sent.

Enjoy complete control

Once a document has been uploaded into a vault, it has in effect been delivered to your client. It remains in the structure that you have set up to manage it subsequently, and your client and other authorised parties will also be able to login and use the same structure. If files are sent as email attachments, as well as the obvious security risks, you simply have to hope for the best: will your client retain the information securely, will it be forwarded in error to another person, will it be misfiled and lost forever? Providing secure vaults to manage information puts you in complete control.

Full record of all activity

Our platform maintains a complete audit trail of all system activity, including when clients have opened a document for viewing, or downloaded it. It also helps prove that a document has not been accessed, should this ever be subject to dispute. This will also assist with regulatory compliance, as our audit trails cannot be changed.

Improved service to clients

Our platform gets information to your clients instantaneously. As soon as information has been uploaded into a vault, it is available for use. In many cases, there will be multiple vault users – each will have immediate access to the newly-delivered information. This will also cut down radically on wasteful and unnecessary duplication. If a file is sent as an email attachment to 20 different recipients, each of them may very well store the file for their own future use. The platform stores the file once, and allows multiple users to access it at the same time

Enhanced client retention

In today’s rapidly-changing information world, satisfying and retaining existing clients is as important as winning new business. Using our platform as a means of delivering documents to clients will keep brands at the forefront of client’s mind – all vaults are branded with the identity of our client. This is particularly relevant in situations where clients may not always be aware of just how much work is being done behind the scenes on their behalf.

Improved operational efficiency

Uploading a file, or up to 200 files at a time, into a vault takes just a few moments. Delivering the same information to multiple email addresses takes much longer, and there is a risk that certain individuals may be omitted and that others will be included in error. The time taken to print and despatch documents in hard copy format is also much greater than a simple file upload, as well as being much more costly.

No need to open up internal systems to external users

Allowing external parties into internal business applications can be risky and difficult to manage. Because we store data in very secure servers in the cloud, it is held externally to our client’s IT domain. It nevertheless remains always accessible, allowing users and clients to get to information whenever they wish.

Cost – no capital cost and very low risk

The cost of using our platform is based on a subscription payment, depending on how the system is being used. Start-up costs are minimal, and there is no need to purchase any hardware or software. Training system administrators takes half a day, and normal users require no training at all. Overall, implementation takes a few days rather than weeks or months.

Minimise carbon footprint

Implementing our platform for secure and instant document delivery will not only reduce costs and enhance client service, it will also enable a business to do its bit for the Environment and fight climate change; as an added benefit, it will help organisations comply with current and future legislation.

We use cloud-based resources to provide our services. According to a forecast from International Data Corp. (IDC), cloud computing is helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, potentially preventing more than one billion metric tons of CO2 from 2021 through 2024.

If an organisation is not a large consumer of energy, but is a supplier or a contractor either to a company that falls under the scope of the Carbon Reduction Commitment or a central or local government body, it will be required by law to report on efforts to reduce its own consumption of carbon.

Using our platform to deliver documents to your clients, colleagues or business partners will show a clear commitment to carbon reduction.