S4Encrypt Covid-19 Antibody Testing: Scope of Service

Testing Supply / Schedule

Antibody testing requires a full blood sample and must be taken by a phlebotomist or similar. S4Encrypt will arrange for a qualified phlebotomist to attend each testing location designated by organisations that have contracted with S4Encrypt.

PCR antigen tests will be carried out by a clinician taking a nasal and throat swab from the donor. S4Encrypt also offer a service whereby PCR test kits can be sent to designated locations for the donors to take the swabs themselves.

All samples will be individually identified by way of a barcode, this barcode being the main link between the donor of the sample and their results.

Barcodes will be allocated in line with the process agreed between Screen4 and S4Encrypt to meet traceability and Data Protection requirements.

All of the technicians involved in the process will have the qualifications required to carry out the onsite blood sampling and will continue to be updated in line with any amended UK.GOV / PHE Guidance.

All of the technicians involved are issued with up to date guidance on collection procedures and are fully equipped with appropriate PPE in line with government guidelines. This includes as a minimum:

  • Gloves
  • Face Masks
  • Face Shields or Goggles
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Aprons

Identification of Individual Donors

The service offered by S4Encrypt will include biometric identification of each individual donor prior to their test being carried out. This is done to minimise the risk of accidental or fraudulent association of a test result with the wrong donor, or for individuals other than the designated donor being tested. The results of each identification will be held in a vault created for each individual donor, and will consist of a selfie photograph of the donor and the photograph of the identity document used for verification. The photograph of the individual donor will be attached to the pass in their smartphone wallet. It will also be placed on a landing page that will be displayed when the QR code in the pass is scanned, allowing the identity of the individual to be verified visually.


The transport method for samples to be sent to the lab for testing can be by way of direct transport operated by Screen4, Royal Mail Tracked 24 service or courier service – note that all samples must be traceable to assist with client support and measuring of service levels.

Laboratory Analysis

The choice of laboratory for Antibody testing shall be at the discretion of Screen4 and may be changed from time to time to reflect changes in guidance / specification or decrease in service levels. Any such change will be advised to S4Encypt and the employers concerned in a suitable timeframe, depending on circumstances.

Turnaround time is normally 24/48 hours from reaching the laboratory. This is the current expected time for reporting of results back to Screen4 and on to S4Encrypt. This is based on current levels of activity and is subject to variance based on demand or other factors outside the control of Screen4 or S4Encrypt.

When the results are known, reporting of results by S4Encrypt to the employer will be the same working day within normal hours or the next working day if outside working hours. This will generally be done by adding the result data to the donor’s individual vault, from where it will update the pass held in the wallet on their smartphone.

Each client must have a specific reporting process to be agreed and advised prior to any sample collections being commenced. This will be established by S4Encrypt in conjunction with the employers concerned.

S4Encrypt will not release any test results to any party without the appropriate agreements being in place with the employers concerned. Please see the Service Level Agreement for details on liability.