The Team

S4Encrypt is the new associate company of Safe4 Information Management Limited.

Having now acquired over 52,000 users, Safe4 was established in 2010 in the United Kingdom. Safe4 provides a network of highly secure data vaults for clients who wish to ensure that access to critical information and documents is strictly limited to authorised users only.

S4Encrypt has been set up to harness the skills and experience from delivering many customised front-end solutions built up over the past decade for the Safe4 platform.           

Recent S4Encrypt projects focus on using biometric identity verification (IDV) in the process of loan application management and property conveyancing. The identity of purchasers is verified and all data relating to that and the transaction they complete is automatically filed in a data vault for each and every client.

S4Encrypt has also initiated a programme aimed at helping organisations who wish to make optimum use of their staff resources during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as meeting their duty-of-care obligations for their employees. This project will deliver a comprehensive Covid-19 antibody testing service, making use of Public Health England approved testing partners and methods. Antibody test results will be made available in a digital wallet on a smartphone, thus assisting safe access to the workplace.

Operating from the United Kingdom and South Africa, S4Encrypt is also currently addressing opportunities in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Legal: to view the S4Encrypt terms and conditions, and privacy and data protection policies, please click here.